Two parents are faced with the difficult decision of which of their young daughters will receive a life-saving heart transplant and which will die. Throughout the process of discussing this decision, the parents argue cases for each daughter and reminisce on better times. The parents are pressured to make their decision in a short amount of time as every minute they spend contemplating; the more risk there is to the procedure.

Camera Shoot Sheet



Doctor walks into room
CAM 2 MS Talents Doctor: I am so sorry, I know making a decision like this is impossible to do given the circumstances, but it must be done and quick. We don’t have very much time before both of their lives are jeopardized. I’ll give you two a couple of minutes to talk it over. Again, I am so very sorry.
Doctor walks out of room
CAM 1 MS Mom Mom: What are we going to do? What are we going to do?
CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad Dad: I wish I had the answer. I wish I could change this-
CAM 1 MS Mom Mom: Why not me? Why couldn’t it have been me?! A mother should never have to choose between her children. Especially not like this.
CAM 3 MS Dad Dad: We can’t lose them both. Listen, I know this is an unspeakable decision but we can’t lose them both.
CAM 1 MS Mom Mom: Are you insane? Are you actually suggesting we choose which one of our children gets to die? God- It’s like you’re playing God or something!
CAM 2 MS Dad Dad: Do you think this is something I want to do? Hell no! The thought of losing one child is horrible but I will not lose them both.
CAM 1 MS Mom Mom: When each of them were born, we said that we would always love them equally. We said we would always be there for them. That neither of them would ever feel less than the other.
CAM 3 MS Dad Dad: This has nothing to do with how much we love them. I love them both the same, I always will, but-
CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad Mom: But you’re willing to give one a death sentence? Is that it?
Dad: (sighs) Just listen to me. This is inevitable; tonight we will be picking a casket for one of our daughters.
(Cam 1 & 3 zoom in) Mom: Stop, stop talking…
Dad: I don’t want to have to pick two, and thanks to God, we don’t have to.
CAM 1 CU Mom Mom: God? Did you just thank God? Yes thank you God for giving us two sick kids. Thank you for putting this decision in our hands. Thank you God, we are definitely so blessed.
CAM 3 CU Dad Dad: Cindy needs the heart- more than Ruthy-

Mom: Are you-

CAM 2 MS Mon & Dad Dad: And I hate myself for saying that but you know Cindy needs it. Ruthy is always getting sick and shes not growing at the same rate as the other kids. Cindy is athletic and healthier.
CAM 1 CU Mom Mom: But Ruthy is smart and artistic, she tests three grades higher than the other kids.
CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad Dad: What’s going to happen in 5 years when Ruthy gets majorly sick or worse?

Mom: And the same could happen to Cindy.

Dad: But it’s not as likely.

CAM 1 CU Mom Mom: Likelihood went out the window when both of our kids got heart failure. Anything could happen.
CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad Dad: I know you’re emotional right now but we have to be logical here. Ruthy is just not as healthy.

Mom: Lots of kids aren’t healthy when they’re young, they grow out of it.

CAM 3 CU Dad Dad: Do you remember a couple months ago in September when we went to Cindy’s last soccer game and she was scoring left and right and we were cheering like crazy and everybody was staring at us? Do you remember that?

Mom: Yes.

CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad

CAM 3 CU Dad

Dad: Ruthy was standing right next to me on the bleachers that day. After Cindy scored her final goal of the game Ruthy looked up at me and she said, “Daddy, why can’t I do that? Why can’t I be like those kids?” How do you explain to your 6 year old daughter that she can never be like them because for some reason her immune system and heart are defective?
CAM 2 MS Mom & Dad Mom: She is not defective. She is not some toy on recall that you can throw away when you can’t deal with it anymore or it breaks. She is our child… Just like Cindy is too.
(CAM 1 follow Doctor) Doctor knocks and walks in
CAM 1 MS Doctor Doctor: I’m sorry but the transplant team is here and in place, I need to know once and for all which child will be receiving the heart today.


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Maura MacDonald – Mom

Brennan Tracy – Dad

Jose Rodriguez – Doctor